Launch Your Own Fundraiser

Feeling extra excited about our mission? Become an ambassador for Brother Box by starting your own fundraiser! We are proud to power our ambassador fundraisers through the Give Lively platform. Give Lively offers their technology at zero-cost to us so that more of the funds you raise go directly towards our cause.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Campaign


Step 1:
Sign Up!

Create a fundraising page on the Give Lively platform. Set your goal and customize your page so that people know why you’re supporting Brother Box and how their donation helps. The more personal you can be with your story the more people will want to pitch in.


Step 2:
Spread the Word!

Once your fundraising page is in good shape, spread the word and watch the donations roll in! We recommend making a two lists. The first one is for top priority givers; close friends and family who you think are likely to contribute. The second one is for stretch givers; friends and others you know who could be interested in the cause. We’ve seen the most success with sending a simple text message to everyone on your list letting them know that you’re raising money to inspire Black boys in your community and for every $30 raised a Brother Box will be given away.


Step 3:
Help Decide Where We Send Boxes!

Once you’ve started your outreach, you have a direct role in helping us figure out which organizations to work with to distribute the Brother Boxes that you raised money for. It could be an organization in your local community or a national organization that you personally resonate with. We’ll ship your boxes and keep in touch with you as possible to make sure you receive updates for delivery to the boys.

Launch a Fundraiser on Facebook

You can also create a campaign on Facebook if you would prefer and 100% of the proceeds will go to Brother Box. Simply set up your campaign, invite your friends, and encourage everyone to give.