Nonprofit Partnerships

Nonprofit Partnerships

Our nonprofit partners are vital to the sustainability of our organization and we’re always looking for more organizations to work with to support our mission. If you’d like to request Brother Boxes for boys in your organization reach out today!

Help Distribute Brother Boxes

Our partnerships with nonprofit organizations primarily involve working with them to ensure that we can get the boxes that have been donated into the right hands. If you’re an organization that works with Black boys in any capacity we want to provide you with Brother Boxes to incorporate into your own programming and help support our mission of inspiring them to dream big and be themselves.


Partner Testimonial

Since launching we have partnered with more than 20 nonprofit organizations around the country to help deliver care packages and create mentoring experiences for boys in their communities.

“The Eagle Academy is very appreciative of our current partnership with Brother Box. The Eagle Academy for Young Men is a network of six all boys public schools located throughout New York City, as well as Newark, NJ. We are committed to the academic and social development of all of our young men with the intent that each will maximize all of the potential that each of them has despite many of the obstacles they may face. It is imperative that we partner with organizations like Brother Box, who are committed to supporting our students and helping to expose them to opportunities they may not otherwise have the chance to see.” — Aaron Barnette, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Mentoring, Eagle Academy Foundation

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