Nurturing trust, authenticity, and connection with courageous black men

The Circle for
Black Male Mentors

Join a thriving online community of parents, educators, coaches, counselors, community organizers, nonprofit leaders, and change-makers committed to showing up better – individually and collectively – for ourselves, for each other, and for all Black boys.

About The Circle

The Circle for Black Male Mentors is a growth and learning program with a supportive membership community that helps Black men show up better for themselves and realize the true power and promise of their relationships with Black boys.

When you sign up, you’ll kickstart our foundational, text message-based course. You’ll receive one text message a day for three weeks that will guide you through new frameworks for showing up wholeheartedly, give you greater clarity about the role you play, and help you develop the skills and courage necessary to build trustworthy relationships with the Black boys in your life – whether personally or professionally.

As a member of The Circle you’ll also gain access to soulful online conversations each month and our community platform to connect, share perspectives and resources, and engage with other inspiring men from around the country who are doing this important and necessary work.

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Why This Program Exists

It’s simple, really. We need each other, and our Black boys need us. We believe the most impactful mentorship happens naturally in everyday settings. With the right resources and a community of support, we all have the capacity to be better stewards of our gifts and great mentors to those around us!

What Black boys need most is for the adults they interact with on a regular basis to show up for the big and small moments ready to listen deeply, seeking to understand before being understood, and creating trustworthy spaces that help them explore their values, dreams, fears, and passions.

As simple as this all sounds, we often struggle to do this in our adult relationships; and it’s even more challenging to do this for the kids in our lives. Let us repeat: this stuff isn’t easy and we can’t do this alone.

We have to lean on one another. To show up in the best ways consistently takes courage, authenticity, integrity, practice, and a like-minded group of folks who have your back. That’s why we started The Circle for Black Male Mentors: to support you in whatever role you play as you work to be the most positive force for hope and joy you can be — for your own sake and for the next generation.

How It Works


Sign up and learn

Sign up and you’ll be enrolled in our 21-Day Courageous Mentorship text series. The course includes content and resources geared towards helping you learn more about the foundational principles that guide our approach for building healthy and trustworthy relationships with Black boys.


Take the pledge

Once you complete the series, you’ll receive a final message asking you to take the Courageous Mentor’s Pledge, a personal commitment to yourself and your community to live out the lessons you’ve learned and be the positive force the Black boys in your life need you to be.


Grow with community

You’ll also gain access to The Circle’s community platform, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other community members and take part in monthly online gatherings to nurture connection, share perspectives, receive support, and get inspired by your peers.


Our Foundational Principles

Our Core Values

Bringing more joy, understanding, and hope to our boys’ lives starts with you. Are you ready to join us?

When you sign up you’ll get a year of access to our content, community platform, and monthly online gatherings. Your annual membership fee is an investment in making the world a better place for Black boys everywhere. Your funds help sustain our community building efforts and benefit our other programs that serve Black boys directly.

$60 Annual Membership Apply

    Receive a daily message to learn more about the principles that guide our approach for building healthy and trustworthy relationships with kids.


    Engage and connect with like-minded courageous mentors around the country. Start conversations, join special groups based on your background and role, ask questions, and let others know you're here to support them.


    Join facilitated online gatherings every month to nurture support and consistently put the foundational skills you've learned into practice in a communal setting with other courageous mentors.


    Receive impactful stories in your inbox about members of our community around the country demonstrating the transformational power of showing up for kids with in integrity, authenticity, and courage.

"I am convinced that courage is the most important of all the virtues. Because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. You can be kind and true and fair and generous and just, and even merciful, occasionally. But to be that thing time after time, you have to really have courage."

Maya Angelou