Join The Promise

The Promise is our community of monthly givers that share our desire to make the world better for Black boys.

They do more than just give what they can each month. They are deeply invested in our work and we consider them an integral part of our process and team.

By giving monthly you’re investing in the future of Black boys everywhere, recognizing and believing in the promise within each of them.

Working together, we can empower them to write their own narratives and dream big as they grow into their authentic selves.

Why Give Monthly


The reliable support of our monthly donors allows us to plan with more stability and ensures that we can channel even more of your donations directly into impactful programs.


Making your monthly gift today ensures that your giving is in place for the rest of the year. And if your situation changes, you can easily update or cancel your gift at any time.


As a monthly donor, you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals with a real stake in our growth. We work directly with this group to shape the future of our organization.

Community Perks