Ready To Do A Little Bit of Good?

Support our fundraising teams in our first annual “Little Bit of Good” fundraiser. Our end of year $25,000 goal will provide hundreds of Brother Boxes to boys across the country and a select number of college scholarships for graduating seniors in the spring.

What we do

We build products, resources, and experiences to inspire Black boys.
At the core we believe if you stay true to the most authentic version of yourself and you dream big, set goals, and stay focused on your deepest desires, there’s no limit to what you can do in the world.
We weave that belief into everything we do.

Brother Boxes

The Brother Box is a thoughtfully curated care package for Black teens. For every $30 we raise we distribute a care package through our nonprofit partners.


We create easily digestible content like our “No Limits Series,” designed to help boys dream big, be themselves, and think about who they want to become.


We craft custom experiences that encourage self-discovery and career exploration, exposing boys to unlimited personal and professional opportunities.

The Box

A Brother Box is a care package uniquely designed and sourced to support Black boys in middle school and high school. We like to think of it as an investment in their potential and a tool that encourages each recipient to be open, be kind, dream big, and most importantly, be themselves.

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How to get involved

Whether you donate, fundraise, share our story with your friends, or introduce us to an organization you work with, there are so many ways to be a part of what we’re building. Let’s do it together!